Scientific Advisory Services, in New York offers expert witness testimony and consulting to insurance companies, municipalities, government agencies and the legal profession involving human factors Over thirty years of international experience consulting to insurance companies, municipalities, government agencies, and the legal profession.

Consulted in more than 5,000 matters involving human factors, safety, personal injury and product liability.

International consultation to corporations are in the areas of new product development, manufacturing, packaging, warnings and instructions.
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• Curriculum Vitae Dr. C. J. Abraham

• What Effect Does Protective Headgear Have on Reducing the Impact to the Brain in Soccer and All Other Sports? [PDF]
• New Materials Award of the Textile Institute
• Amusement Park Accident Verdict
• Overcoming Federal Preemption
• Playground Safety
• Playgrounds and Amusement Parks
• Concussions - Your Body Is Nothing Without A Brain [PDF]
• Prior Trial Results
• Human Factors, Safety & Hazard Analysis
• Toy Design & Safety
• Warnings & Instructions
• Sports & Recreation Safety
• OSHA and Labor Law
• Slips, Trips & Falls
• Recreation & Sports Accidents
• Columbia University Presentation
• The Flammable Fabrics Act: An Unreasonably Dangerous Act
• Flammable Fabrics Case
• A New Standard of Care in
Absorbing and Dissipating Forces

• A Viable Product vs. The Legal System
• Concussions, Head Injuries and the Textile Industry [PDF]
• Concussions and Potential Risks in Children and Adults [PDF]
• United States District Court Decision: Allison Nowak, et al Plaintiffs v. Faberge U.S.A. and Precision Valve Corporation, Defendants
• Arnau v. WC Maui Coast LLC, et al.; U.S. District Court, District of Mawaii
• Industrial Products & Equipment
• Improved Protection For Sports Helmets
• News – Battery Petition
• NHTSA Petition: Battery Explosions
• Soccer – Head Injuries and Protection
• National Alliance for Youth Sports – SportingKid Magazine – Fall 2007
• Dr. Abraham at Columbia University [PDF]

• ForceField FF Headbands
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• ADA Compliance
* Amusement Parks
• Apparel & Textile Industry
• Battery Accidents
• Battery Explosions
• Brick, Stone & Ceramic
• Carbon Monoxide
• Chemistry & Chemicals
• Civil Engineering (Building Codes)
• Construction Accidents
• Construction Safety
• Creation of formulations for human and animal health products.
• Electrical Engineering (Warnings & Instructions)
• EPA - Regulations and compliance in the United States and Health Departments internationally.
• Fires & Explosions
• Fireworks & Pyrotechnics
• Fireworks Accidents
• Flammable Fabrics
• Foam Pits
• Forensic Sciences
• Golf Carts
• Hazardous Materials
* Head Injuries
* Head Protection
* Helmet (Construction)
* Helmet Protecting
* Helmet Testing
* Helmets (All Sports)
• Household & Industrial Products
* Human Factors
• Industrial Code
• Industrial Accidents
• Industrial Hygiene
• Industrial Toxicology
* Instructions
• Labor Law